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רועי לירון roee liron

Hello everyone and welcome to my website.


My name is Roee Liron and I'm a film director, writer and editor.


I'm a graduate of Tel-Aviv University's Arts and Film Making program and have been working in the Israeli film and television industry since 1998.


Please feel free to check out some of the productions I was and continue to be involved in (in Hebrew for now) here.

I'm looking to collaborate with screenwriters on projects written in both Hebrew or English ranging from 50 to 120 min. and take them into production.


I write best in colleboration and am looking for scriptwriters who would be interested in taking ideas, develop them and write them under my guidance and direction.


I have a number of completed projects, including a full-length feature script (written in English) targeted towards Hollywood, a 50 minute detective T.V. pilot, a Teen-Drama T.V. series and a Reality show concept.


Over the course of my career I've met and worked with many producers and key figures in the Israeli Film and T.V. industry. I'm thus ideally positioned to get materials into the right hands and quickly expedite projects from script to screen.


I am most interested in mainstream American films, in particular, high-quality Thrillers, Romantic Comedies and Dramas.


In terms of Israeli cinema, I'm more interested in making light, entertaining films than heavy dramas.


I believe that as opposed to most American cinema, good, entertaining low-budget movies can be made that would draw big audiences to the theatres.


There are many examples of such films:


"Nikita" Dir. Luck Basson, 1990 – a fine French action and suspense drama, made with a relatively low budget.


"Clerks" Dir. Kevin Smith – an independent American film made with practically no money at all.


"The brothers McMullen" – and almost all of Ed Burns' films ("Sidewalks of New-York", "She's the one", "Purple Violets") – light, easy-going, low-budget dramas.


A classic example of an entertaining, high-quality romantic-drama which could be made in Israel is Ben Younger's "Prime" with Meryl Streep and Uma Thurman. This is exactly the sort of film I'm interested in making.


Among the Directors which have inspired me are Steven Spielberg, Robert Zemeckis ("Back to the future"), Barry Sonnenfeld ("Men in black"), David Fincher ("Seven") and a number of relatively unknown young directors.  


At the top of my list though is the late Tony Scott (Ridley Scott's brother), who's films include "Top Gun", "Days of Thunder", "Crimson Tide", "Enemy of the State" and "Spy Game".


To me, his films are intense, meticulous, and precise visual adventures. That being said, no matter how you look at it, every good movie begins with a good story and a great script. And this is where you could come in.


My overall vision then – however naïve and idealistic – is that of an entertaining and enjoyable cinema, aimed at a wider range of audiences, attracting more viewers to the theatres, thus enabling more films to be made. This will result in higher-quality filmmaking and a thriving film industry.


So let me say again: let's make a movie…


If you share this vision and that passion you are welcome to connect with me here.

Happy Trails...

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